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What type of guarantee do you offer?  

We guarantee that you'll pass the sanitation requirements of your audit.

Do you have a food safety team that can partner with ours to proactively prepare for our food safety audits?

Yes, we do. Our VP of Manufacturing and Distribution and On-Staff Food Safety Expert, Francie Buck, has over two decades of experience providing food safety training programs and auditing schemes. She is an invaluable resource to our clients in ensuring their sanitation meets the highest standards of quality and safety. Francie also provides educational resources to help industry professionals stay informed.

I’m interested in learning more about your services.  What’s are the next steps?

Our goal is to provide you with all the necessary information and tools in order to make an informed decision about our services. The next step would be to set up an initial discovery call where we will discuss your needs, any challenges, and the desired outcome. If we agree our solution is a good fit, then from there we would:

  1. Schedule A Site Visit - We analyze your facility layout and determine the scope of work to provide a quote.
  2. Provide a Quote  - After review, we develop a quote and discuss the services provided.
  3. Build A Contract  - Once accepted, we'll work together to create a contract for services provided.
  4. Set A Start Date - We agree on a start date and provide a "What You Can Expect" document prior to beginning.
  5. Start Your Services - On day one, a rollout team is present including Operations Management, Site Manager, and cleaning staff. Our management team stays onsite until the facility is at a steady state, with continuous communication with your team.
  6. Start of Services - On day one, a rollout team is present including Operations Management, Site Manager, and cleaning staff. Our management team stays onsite until the facility is at a steady state, with continuous communication with your team.
If we move forward with your sanitation services , how long will it take for you to get up and running?

Once you partner with us, we typically aim for a 30-45 day start-up window. Our team will work hard to get everything in place so that you can start receiving the highest quality of sanitary care as quickly as possible.

Can you help us write our cleaning services protocols?

Yes, we can. We have a set of best practice Standard Operating Procedures that we can provide and tailor to your specific needs. This will help you create effective cleaning services protocols.

Sanitation Services

What cleaning and sanitation services do you provide?

We offer full service cleaning and sanitation services for your food facility. We use the latest in sanitary technology and processes to ensure that your facility is always up to code and compliant with regulations.

Can you develop a cleaning program that is custom to our environment?

Yes, we can develop a custom cleaning program for your facility. We use all the information you provide us about your facility and its needs to create a tailored program that covers every aspect of cleaning. This includes any food you manufacture or distribute, lessons learned from previous audits, deep cleaning projects, exterior tasks and more. We have extensive experience in creating custom cleaning programs for all types of environments, so you can be assured that your program will meet the highest standards.

Why should I go with TEC Services over other sanitation options?

We strive to provide our customers with unmatched sanitation services. Our ClearPointTM technology ensures transparency and accuracy in the process, while our dedicated sanitation Site Manager is there to work directly with your team and guarantee excellent customer service every step of the way. Additionally, we guarantee that you’ll pass all sanitation portios of your audits.

How does TEC Services work with your team?

We collaborate closely with your team to ensure sanitation standards are consistently met. Our dedicated Site Manager takes an active role in daily meetings, providing expertise and guidance as needed.

How do you ensure that the full scope of work is performed at a high level of quality?

To ensure the highest level of quality, our site manager carries out daily facility quality assurance inspections. This involves checking completed work and identifying areas for improvement. Regular feedback is used to ensure the scope of work is always performed at a high standard.

What happens if there is a sanitation issue that comes up outside business hours?

If you ever experience a sanitation issue outside of business hours, simply call your dedicated sanitation Site Manager and they will respond quickly with the necessary action. Our team is always at the ready to help ensure that your facility remains safe and compliant with all sanitary regulations. If needed, we can run as a 3 shift operation.

Do you just do fully managed programs or are you able to do one-time jobs?

We offer long-term janitorial management services and can execute individual one time job requests as needed.  

Do you do slot cleaning and other project work as well?

Yes, we offer slot cleaning and other project work. We strive to integrate these cleaning activities into our regular maintenance program, in order to meet the desired cleanliness standards while keeping your facility audit ready.


What type of reporting do you provide?

We offer comprehensive reporting solutions utilizing our proprietary ClearPoint™ technology, including detailed daily site manager QA reports and facility summary reports that provide an overview of service quality KPI's. These reports offer inspection guidelines, observations, evaluations, action items, and customer satisfaction metrics. Additionally, they provide insights into allergen spills, deep slot cleaning, and total spill counts.

Do you have IT systems to document the services you provide?

Yes, our ClearPointTM Technology and performance dashboard provide detailed daily reporting, with photos to accompany inspection guidelines, observations, evaluations and action items. This allows us to give you a comprehensive facility summary report that provides an overview of service quality KPI’s such as quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and cleaning of deep slots, total spills and allergen spills.

Are you ready to optimize your sanitation Process and increase productivity?

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