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Insourcing vs. Outsourcing

Outsourcing your sanitation needs can unlock a world of advantages, from freeing up valuable time to reducing staffing costs.

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Uncovering the Hidden Costs of Insourcing Sanitation Services

On the surface, managing your own sanitation needs may seem like the most cost-efficient route. But oftentimes, businesses are unaware of the hidden costs associated with insourcing. Furthermore, staffing issues can quickly become a problem for businesses that choose to manage their own sanitation services in-house, often leading to poor productivity, an inability to pass audits and slowed production.

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Weighing the Pros and Cons of Insourcing vs. Outsourcing Your Sanitation Services

Decreased productivity and lack of focus amongst staff
More free time for managers to focus on revenue-generating activities
Variable, hard, and soft costs such as recruiting and hiring, onboarding and training, pre-employment screenings, benefits and severance packages
A single predictable cost
Must recruit, train and maintain employees and boost morale
Immediate access to a skilled and dependable cleaning team with no recruitment, training, or retention costs
Struggling to stay fully staffed
100% fully staffed all of the time
Non-career cleaning professionals who use sanitation as a stepping stone to other opportunities
Career cleaning professionals
Huge Investment
Minimal investment
Quality of service
Not consistent, varying degrees of sanitation compliance
Consistent sanitation levels achieved 100% of the time
Constantly worrying about maintaining compliance, passing sanitation portion of audits, and the risk of being shut down
100% confidence in passing the sanitation portion of your audits

Outsource Your Sanitation Needs to TEC Services

TEC Services is dedicated to providing high-quality sanitation solutions that are tailored to each customer’s needs. Our team of experts has the skills and experience needed to ensure your facility remains compliant with audit requirements and food safety regulations while optimizing staffing and production. We take a holistic approach to sanitation, ensuring all aspects of your facility are taken into account.

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Take The Hassle Out Of Managing Your Own Sanitation Services - Let Us Handle It For You.

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