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Corporate &
Social Responsibility

We believe in forging meaningful partnerships with our local communities.

A Majority-Minority Company

With over 70% of our employees coming from minority backgrounds. Our commitment to diversity allows us to attract and retain the best talent for each role in the company. This, combined with our outstanding culture, is what makes TEC such an amazing place for everyone involved. We’re proud to be a leader in promoting equality and inclusion in the workplace.

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Minority Supplier Network

We actively seek out and promote diversity in our Service Partners. Our suppliers are made up of of 90% minority-owned and operated businesses that offer the best quality service available. We’re proud to work with these entrepreneurs and first-generation businesses who are playing a key role in driving social change.

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The Cristo Rey Network

The Cristo Rey Network is a nationwide network of 37 college-prep, work-study high schools located in some of the poorest neighborhoods across our largest cities. Founded in 1995, students attend school four days per week and work one day a week at leading companies, institutions, and organizations in their local areas.

Through this unique work-study program, students gain firsthand knowledge of what success looks like in the business world and develop the necessary skills to compete. Additionally, they are exposed to unfamiliar people and communities that give them a broader picture of their future and provide motivation as they progress through high school, college, and eventually into their professional careers. Academic rigor combined with a caring and supportive environment best prepares students for college and beyond.

Empowering Our Communities Through Education

Our Future Leaders Program is a partnership with the nationwide network of 37 Cristo Rey high schools, offering a unique education model that blends rigorous academic study with an unparalleled work-study program.

For every business that agrees to take on work study students, we offer four scholarships to a local Cristo Rey high school. Each student then works at the customer’s premises for a day, with TEC Services covering the work-study program to fund most of their educational costs. In this way, our customers benefit from enthusiastic and motivated interns, while students gain access to a quality college preparatory high school education and invaluable work experience.

Our Future Leaders Program is a partnership with the national network of 37 Cristo Rey high schools, a unique education model that combines a rigorous curriculum with a Work-Study program. With each janitorial contract, TEC Services funds four scholarships at a Cristo Rey high school local to the customer.

The students work at the client’s office or store, one student per day, and TEC pays for the Work-Study Program which funds the majority of the student’s education. Our customer gets an energetic, motivated intern while the student receives a top-quality college prep high school education and professional work experience.

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how the program works

TEC Services invests $34,000 to provide work-study opportunities for four Cristo Rey students, paying their tuition at the school.

Customers benefit from having bright, hardworking young people around the workplace, inspiring other employees.

As part of this program, each student spends one day per week onsite with the customer, gaining valuable experience and performing essential tasks such as spreadsheet analysis, filing, lab work, and customer service.

This program also creates a pool of qualified minority college graduates for customer businesses to draw from in the future.

All students are employed by Cristo Rey, not the customer, meaning you won’t have to worry about paying benefits or healthcare contributions. The work-study program is compliant with U.S. labor codes and transportation is provided by Cristo Rey.

Most importantly, customers can experience the rewarding feeling of making a positive difference in the lives of these students and their families.

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