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Case Study

Tackling Complex Cleaning Needs

One Food Distribution Center’s Story

Disruptions in operations can seriously impact customer satisfaction, safety, compliance, and profitability. One national food distribution center learned this firsthand when a disruption occurred due to cleaning services.

Compliance Concerns

The 500,000 square foot facility had seen a dramatic decline in its sanitary conditions over the period of six to eight months, including general untidiness, loose product and packing materials scattered around the warehouse and spillages throughout. This posed serious risks for the company, which had previously been able to enforce safety and cleanliness standards with an internal janitorial team. Unfortunately, due to labor shortages, that number had dwindled by more than 60%, and efforts to hire additional service personnel had been unsuccessful. Consequently, the situation demanded an urgent solution.

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a large warehouse filled with lots of boxes

More Than Just Outsourcing

When corporate leadership realized the severity of the situation, they reached out to TEC Services for urgent assistance. After meeting with management and key line operations personnel, we quickly put together an action plan - complete with SQF documentation standards that was implemented within two weeks of our initial meeting.

Our experienced Site Manager and trained sanitation service team worked around the clock to address all major issues as identified by the company, and we are proud to have eliminated all of their cleaning and sanitation challenges. Thanks to our swift implementation of a customized solution, this company was able to pass its next audit with flying colors. Going forward, TEC Services will be providing 24/7 cleaning services - ensuring a safe, healthy environment at all times.

Transparent Reporting Through Technology

Our dedicated team and ClearPointTM technology have been in place for several months to manage and monitor the results, provide transparent reporting, as well as demonstrate best practices and protocols that embody TEC Services’ successful business partnerships.

Fully-trained, vetted and reliable on-site personnel

Maintaining FDA regulatory compliance standards

Uphold SQF standards through accurate documentation

Increased employee satisfaction through a cleaner and safer working environment

Daily inspections with KPI reporting

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Looking To Optimize Sanitation In Your Food Facility?

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