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Elite Sanitation Staffing for Food Facilities

TEC Services upholds the highest standards in our hiring process to ensure the safety and efficiency of your food facility

Pre-Employment Procedures

Our rigorous pre-employment procedures include:

Interview Processes:
We conduct comprehensive interviews to select the best candidates who fit our stringent criteria.

Background Checks: All potential employees undergo thorough background checks to meet our safety standards and ensure a secure work environment.

Training: Our training programs are designed to equip our staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to maintain top-notch cleanliness and sanitation.

High Standards for Hiring

We prioritize safety, the right personnel, and proper equipment to ensure your facility meets the highest standards. By focusing on these aspects, we provide a reliable and efficient sanitation service that keeps your facility audit-ready at all times.

Always Ready for Audits

Our system helps you achieve high audit scores through meticulous documentation, comprehensive training, and proactive site management.

Documentation and Record Reviews

Site Ops Manager: Manages and reviews paperwork regularly, ensuring compliance and readiness for audits.

Audit Interaction Training: Prepares managers to present documents effectively during audits.

Comprehensive Team Training

Customized Training: Tailored to your facility's needs and updated annually or as required.

Flexible Schedules: Training sessions can be adjusted to meet specific audit requirements.

Rigorous Facility Inspections

Daily QA Walks: Assess facility conditions, document findings, and ensure task efficiency.

Weekly Audit Prep Walks:
Conducted with facility leadership to prepare for audits, starting a month prior.

Detailed Checklists

To ensure thorough preparation, we provide detailed checklists:

Quarterly Health Checks: Regular document reviews and facility inspections

Two Weeks Before Audit: Verify training records and compliance, inspect chemicals, tools, uniforms, and equipment, and conduct daily facility walks to identify audit issues.

One Week Before Audit: Perform a final documentation review, conduct daily facility walks to eliminate blind spots, ensure the audit path is presentable, and review the audit plan with regional TEC leadership.

Why Choose TEC Services?

Our elite sanitation practices ensure continuous audit readiness through detailed documentation, rigorous training, and thorough inspections. Partner with TEC Services for unmatched sanitation standards and compliance.

Looking To Optimize Sanitation In Your Food Facility?

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